1. How much are tickets? 
A: $69 if you purchase in advance; $79 at the door (please no checks)

2. Are the tickets refundable?
A: most likely not, deposits and some up front expenses and commitments have been made  but email matt@myloanguyuonline.com as these requests will be handled individually.

3. Does the ticket price cover Friday night? 
A: Possibly, as before, we will have a special reduced pre fix price for cocktails & appetizers for the Friday night happy hour.  Depending on the ticket sales we usualy try to offset some of the bar bill if possible.

4. What is the dress code?
A: there is not a strict policy here but refere to the details of events page for guidance

5. Will there be food there?  
A: YES! Absolutely, we are working with a fantastic caterer.  There will be appetizers and buffet style dinner.  The cost of your ticket is covering your dinner so save your money, Dinner is Served!